WF Development Initiative

The Foundation has now partnered with Copiah-Lincoln Community College for incorporation into Co-Lin’s Workforce Education program. This partnership significantly enhances our access to resources, including training opportunities and funding. If you are one of our larger employers in Simpson County, you most likely have your own on-going workforce education program. Through this partnership, funding is now available to you to apply to the costs of your own staff development programs. Moreover, you have access through the SCDF to other training programs to be scheduled within the county on an on-going basis, at minimal or no fee when possible. If you are a sole-proprietor or if in your business you do not employ a large workforce, you now have access to the same quality of staff development and education that large businesses are able to provide. Through our partnership, you have access to training programs to be scheduled within the county on a regular basis, often at minimal or no cost. If you would like to learn more, please contact Workforce Center Director, Copiah-Lincoln Community College at 601-643-8323 or Richard Rankin, SCDF Office Manager, at 601.847.5866.

ACT–Work Ready Community

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