The Foundation

Welcome to the Simpson County Development Foundation (SCDF). The SCDF was organized in 1979 to promote community and economic development in Simpson County, Mississippi. The Foundation is a full service, not for profit organization comprised of public and private investors. Our staff is dedicated to helping your business grow and prosper in Simpson County. Whether you are an existing business looking to expand or a company looking for a new home, we look forward to working with you and showing you the advantages of Simpson County, Mississippi.

The Simpson County Development Foundation’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee are comprised of volunteers throughout the county who willingly give their time and resources for the betterment of Simpson County. Every year at the Foundation’s Annual Meeting, our membership nominates and elects new officers and directors.

Board of Directors

Class of 2022

Amanda Blakeney
Tristan Peavey
Allison Shivers
Darrell Temple

Class of 2023

Josh Allen
Jake Brown
Amarylis Carter
Chris Craft

Class of 2024

Tiffany Kinslow
Missy Orders
Chris Purdum
Chris Williams

Appointee Board Members

The Foundation’s Bylaws provide for one Board Member each from the following groups to be appointed by their respective governing bodies or institutions:  Each Benefactor Member; Each President’s Circle Member; the Simpson County Board of Supervisors; Each of the Municipalities of Braxton, D’Lo, Magee and Mendenhall; the Presidents of the Chambers of Commerce; the Chairman of the Simpson County Economic Development District Trustees; the University of Southern Mississippi; and Copiah-Lincoln Community College.

Executive Committee

FY 2022 [July 1, 2021 — June 30, 2022]

Christian Carrico, President
Josh Pierce, President-elect
Lacye Evans, Secretary-Treasurer
Malory Yelverton, Past President
Mayor Dale Berry and Mayor Todd Booth, Vice Presidents – Government Relations
Erik Adkins, Vice President – Economic Development
Pat Brown and Dylan Sanford, Vice Presidents – Community Development
Carley Hansbrough, Vice President – Stakeholder Development


The staff at the Simpson County Development Foundation stands ready to assist you with your new or existing industry. Our team of staff and board members are committed to providing you with the very best assistance possible.

Please take the time to e-mail us or contact us at the mailing address or number listed below. We’re ready to help!

Donnie Caughman, Executive Director

Richard Rankin, Office Manager
PO Box 127
176 West Court Street
Mendenhall, MS 39114