Financing Program

MDA Grant and Loan Programs

The Mississippi Development Authority, through the Financial Resources Division, administers a variety of incentive programs designed to assist businesses in obtaining grants and loans for development and expansion and to posture the State as an aggressive competitor in the Global Market. Major projects require major financing and Mississippi can tailor a package of financial programs that will make your Company’s expansion or location as simple and cost-effective as possible.

Grant Programs for Business Customers

Economic Development Grants

Loan Programs for Business Customers

Business Financing

Mississippi Business Finance Corporation

The Mississippi Business Finance Corporation is a public, non-profit corporation with the mission of coordinating a variety of state resources in order to assist businesses and industry in obtaining financing and in positioning the State as an aggressive competitor in the global market. MBFC’s financing programs assisting in establishing new facilities and expanding existing businesses. MBFC represents a cooperative effort between the public and private sectors to stimulate both commercial and industrial development and expansion by administering financing programs that provide competitive or below market interest rates and tax incentives for qualified projects. MBFC works in cooperation with financial institutions and economic development entities statewide with the goal of increased employment and capital investment in Mississippi. MBFC is governed by a membership of 25 representatives from the public and private sectors.

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MS Department of Employment Security

The Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) is a federally funded state agency. The programs of MDES, under direction of the governor of Mississippi, report to the federal government. The U.S. Congress appropriates all funds expended to administer employment security programs. Funding for the Employment Service labor exchange functions comes from the federal Wagner-Peyser Act. Funding for the Unemployment Insurance Division comes from Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) on employers and is allocated to MDES by the U.S. Department of Labor. All federal funds received by MDES are cleared through the state treasury, and authority to expend these funds is granted by the state legislature.

MDES Employer Services