Magee is a rich tapestry, which has woven through the years with much love and hard work. The first settlers in the area were Arthur Mangum and Phil Magee.Both entered the area around 1820. Pioneers from Virginia and the Carolinas followed and in 1840 Willis Magee built a gristmill on Little Goodwater Creek, inside the present city limits. The community grew slowly and steadily and on February 25, 1900 was incorporated as a village. The little community of 685 in 1910 has grown into a progressive city of almost 5000 today.

Magee, Mississippi is a strong, viable community with a strong business climate located centrally between two of the largest municipalities in the state. Magee has strong public and private schools, church denominations and Medical and Dental facilities to meet the needs of the community. Magee has excellent residential and commercial development and a progressive Chamber of Commerce. Magee’s strength lies in the spirit of her people and their dedication to maintaining the high quality of life they have enjoyed through the years.

City of Magee Website

Government Contact Information

123 Main Ave. N.
Magee, MS 39111
Phone: (601) 849-3344

Magee Demographic and Business Summary

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